America is a nation and faction in the 1920+ universe.

Currently only mentioned in Iron Harvest and some concept art, their current state is left ambiguous at best.

Overview[edit | edit source]

America exists as an independent nation, far removed from Europe across an ocean. Although their government system is not specifically mentioned, they likely live under a constitutional republic. It likely consists of a major portion of the North American continent. Their symbol seems to be a simple white star and they fly their flag from their war machines.

Very little information is known about America in the World of 1920+ of Iron Harvest. It is unknown if it is called the United States of America or something else entirely. Based on Peace Party conversation between American guests, we know that America fought in Europe during the Great War though domestic issues seemed to brew at home with talks of a potential second Civil War.

Little is known about their tactics or weapons, but they seem to have the industrial and military power to match the Europan powers. This is seen with their mech as depicted in one of Rozalski's paintings. Massive, bipedal, and heavily armed and armored, it heavily resembles the PZM-24 "Tur." However, instead of a large forward viewing dome, the cockpit appears more protected behind slit-like windows, they have a top mounted turret, and they mount pairs of smaller-bore cannons. This indicates that America also has benefited from auto-machine technology like Europa.

Rusviet Campaign "Peace and Prosperity"[edit | edit source]

An American Guest: "I'll tell you, we'll be facing a second civil war within the next ten years."

Another American Guest: "We should be fulfilling our destiny and taking the rest of Mexico, and the land up north too!"

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is actually one painting by Jakub Różalski depicting American Mechs, specifically ones in the Polish 7th Air Escadrille or "Kościuszko Squadron."
    • This parallels a real Polish Air Force unit of the same name that was reformed in 1919 with American volunteers, to whom the painting is dedicated. This squadron flew 400 missions during the Polish-Soviet War in 1920.
    • This possibly indicates that America allied itself with Polania during the war.
    • In the description for the painting, Rozalski hints at the possibility of a playable American faction in Scythe, although this painting dates back to 2015.
  • The comment made by the American guest may be a reference to the idea of "Manifest Destiny" developed in the nineteenth century in the United States, except that instead of referring to the westward expansion of the American nation this idea seems rather to refer to the domination of the North American continent at the time of Iron Harvest.
  • The presence of a country dominating the North American continent raises questions about the impact of regime change in England on the wider world; it was mainly England that participated in the creation of the thirteen colonies which would become the United States of America. By comparison, in the world of Iron Harvest it is left entirely to speculation: if Clan Albion, which replaces the British Empire, was not so expansionist, one wonders if the foundational history of this American nation is very different from that of our reality.
    • An even more interesting question if "the land up north too" is taken to mean Canada was never founded yet America and Mexico were.
  • Curiously, despite Clan Albion's ambivalent role in relation to the creation of America in Iron Harvest, Its history seems to diverge the least from that of our timeline; a Civil War occurred before 1920.
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