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Map border river

Border River is a Skirmish map. It's larger than Abandoned Railway Station and it is intended to two players with basees in opposite corners. The players are seperated by a River with only three way's across. Furthermore there is an isle that is seperated from both players. The only way to reach it are to small bridges which only infantry can pass.

Bonus Goals Edit

Players may elect to turn on the following for increased XP gain.

Quick - Win the game before time runs out.
  • Bronze: Win in less than 15 minutes.
  • Silver: Win in less than 12 minutes.
  • Gold: Win in less than 10 minutes.
Life-Saving - Lose as few units as possible
  • Bronze: Lose less than 12 units
  • Silver: Lose less than 8 units
  • Gold: Lose less than 5 units
Confident - Your units have fewer hit-points
  • Bronze: -15% HP
  • Silver: -30% HP
  • Gold: -50% HP