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Iron Harvest features three single-player campaigns with one over-arching story. In the story, players switch sides from the Polanian Republic to Rusviet to the Saxony Empire.

In each campaign players follow the story of one main character who is joined by two other heroes.

In the Polania campaign, players participate as an army of rebels and freedom fighters. Their fast and light units often can’t compete on open fields, but they are stealthy and can use effective hit & run tactics.


The whole single-player campaign can be taken on with a friend, controlling the same units. So players can divide their units into two combat groups or one player plays the offense, while the other manages defense and production.

Polanian Campaign[]

Rusviet Campaign[]

Saxony Campaign[]

Rusviet Revolution Campaign[]

  • Cutscene 1: Revolution Calling
  • Mission 1: Out of Hiding
  • Mission 2: Royal Legacy
  • Mission 3: Circling Wolves
  • Mission 4: No Signal
  • Cutscene 2: Flight From The City

Operation Eagle Campaign[]

  • Cutscene 1: The Call
  • Mission 1: Arctic Storm
  • Cutscene 2: Unwelcome Guest
  • Mission 2: Hostile Takeover
  • Cutscene 3: Off The Books
  • Mission 3: Shifting Sands
  • Cutscene 4: The Free Tribe
  • Mission 4: Jailbreak
  • Cutscene 5: Strange Bedfellows
  • Mission 5: Supply Raid
  • Cutscene 6: A Golden Age
  • Mission 6: The Battle of Aqaba
  • Cutscene 7: Mission Complete
  • Mission 7: Going Rogue
  • Cutscene 8: Dawn of a New Century
Campaign / Maps
Polanian Campaign Rusviet Campaign Saxony Campaign
Mission 1: Anna's Shot
Cutscene 1: Farewell
Mission 2: Defending Zalesie
Cutscene 2: Zubov
Mission 3: To the Rescue
Cutscene 3: Father's Legacy
Mission 4: Railroad Robbery
Cutscene 4: Whatever It Takes
Mission 5: A Path to Hope
Cutscene 5: Martyrs
Mission 6: Kolno in Chaos
Cutscene 6: The Plan
Mission 7: Showdown
Cutscene 7: Unexpected Reunion
Cutscene 1: Janek's Story
Mission 1: Broken Truce
Cutscene 2: Absolute Horror
Mission 2: Modern Times
Cutscene 3: Olga's Rescue
Mission 3: Peace and Prosperity
Cutscene 4: Fenris
Mission 4: Infiltrating Saxony
Cutscene 5: Deal with the Devil
Mission 5: The Future of War
Cutscene 6: Others Fathers
Mission 6: Battle for the Key
Cutscene 7: Steinmetz
Mission 7: Tesla's City
Cutscene 8: The Factory
Cutscene 1: Gunter's Past
Mission 1: Welcome to the Mud
Cutscene 2:
Mission 2: No Man's Land
Cutscene 3:
Mission 3: Each Meter a Mile
Cutscene 4:
Mission 4: Walker Ace
Cutscene 5:
Mission 5: Master and Student
Cutscene 6:
Mission 6: Battle of the Five Heroes
Cutscene 7:
Mission 7: The End of All War
Cutscene 8:
Skirmish Maps Challenge Maps
Deserted Tracks
Border River
Oil Spill
Urban Paradise
Industrial Area
Crash Site
Harbor City
Restless Woods
The Great Wastes
City Outskirts
To The Last Man
Hold The Line
Fortress City
Stronghold Siege
General Base Building Economy
Capturing Buildings
Fog of War
Contruction (Buildings)
Building Upgrade
Iron Crate
Oil Crate
Weapon Crate
Recycling Wrecks
Combat Game Modes
Ranked Match
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