Cover system - Iron Harvest
Cover system 2 - Iron Harvest

Apart from decelerating gameplay, the cover system in Iron Harvest also provides an extra layer of tactical depth. Not all units can use cover; some units can build cover and some are more effective than others to destroy it. While a light mech might win against a grenadier infantry squad in open field, the infantry might win when there is cover that mechs can't destroy fast enough.

Cover features allows players to send send infantry squads into relative safety, at least for a certain amount of time. That gives the opportunity to take a breath, formulate a plan, and focus on other tasks on the battlefield.

Getting into cover Edit

There are two approaches to make use of cover in Iron Harvest:

  • Players can explicitly order infantry squads to make use of cover, for instance behind a wall or in trenches. There is clear visual feedback where the selected squad and each of its members will take cover, even before players give the order to move. Soldiers will move into cover and – if low cover – will attack from behind it if possible.
  • However, players do not have to send units into massive cover to get an advantage. If they keep, for example, one of their mechs between their soldiers and the enemy, some of their men will be protected by the mech, because Iron Harvest calculates each bullet in the game and the enemy units can’t just shoot through a giant mech to get to the soldiers in its shadow.

Dynamic cover Edit

Most objects and structures that are providing cover in Iron Harvest can be destroyed, which means the battlefield is constantly changing. Mechs can explode an entire structure enemies are hiding in or walk right through it; but even then, a destroyed building can provide plenty of cover. Each remaining wall is a perfectly suitable cover for infantry units.

If there is no structural cover, mech remains are great cover spots for infantry. If there is absolutely no cover nearby, engineers can build sandbag barriers.

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