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The Frankish are a Kingdom and faction in the World of 1920+

Currently they are only mentioned in Iron Harvest, their current state is therefore ambiguous.


The Frankish exists as an independent nation in Western Europe. Though not outright stated, the Frankish are heavily implied to be an absolute monarchy with very limited democratic rights for the people. With that said the Frankish people are depicted in-game as not only supporting the monarchy but show outright suspicion and doubt towards pro-democracy unionists and progressive engineers like Nikola Tesla alike.

When the Great War began in 1915, the Frankish declared war on the Empire of Saxony; engaging in The Battle of Verdun and later The Somme Offensives, where they suffered immense casualties and came out of the war with mixed attitudes, leaving some of the aristocratic class feeling that their nation's sacrifice was a waste.

After the war Tesla would send a letter to the King of the Frankish, warning him that an organization called Fenris was bent on starting a new conflict across all of Europa.


  • Frankish are the 1920+ equivalent of real world France, though seemingly not a Republic.
  • Of all the Iron Harvest and Scythe factions said to participate in the Great War, The Frankish seem to be the most psychologically affected in it's aftermath illustrated in how frequently characters from it will talk about the human cost of the war, having nothing to show for massive casualties, and even having a Frankish character be approached by Fenris.
  • The Frankish are the only major belligerent on the Western Front of the Great War to have no official mech designs painted by Jakub Różalski
  • The Frankish seem to exist in a timeline where the French Revolution ended in a dramatically different way or outright didn't happen as the guests address the Frankish Crown with respect and avoid blaming the wealthy for their Nation's involvement in the war. In addition a Frankish guest will shrug off suggestions by anti-monarchists to allow freedom of speech against the government by asking "Who gave them that idea?" as though the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen was never written.
  • Lastly the King is implied to be the head of government rather than a Prime Minister or Parliament; considering Tesla addressed the letter to him personally rather than other nations, like Polania, receiving the warning via it's government or Tsar Nicholas receiving Tesla's letter by comparison.
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