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Nacht and Tag (trans. "Night and Day") are heroes of the Saxony Empire. A pair of particularly large dire wolves, they are the constant companions of Gunter von Duisburg.

Scythe Lore[]

With a strong love of his country, Gunter enlisted in the Saxonian army. He spent the first few years of service training soldiers to work with dire wolves, where he formed a kinship with two particular wolves: Nacht and Tag.

When the war began, Gunter and his wolves led elite mech squads across the forests and mountains of Saxony and Europe. His name was both feared and respected, and his jacket grew heavy with medals of honor.

After the war, the Saxon emperor sought an audience with Gunter, Nacht, and Tag. He asked them to go on a special mission to the east, where he saw an opportunity to expand to the unclaimed lands surrounding the Factory. Gunter was never one to turn down an adventure, so off he went to the east.

Iron Harvest Lore[]

Nearing the end of the Great War, Gunter retired in humiliation after he was forced to take the fall for the actions of Prince Wilhelm. Returning to his home Castle Duisburg, he spent time hunting birds with his wolves. One day while hunting, Nacht flushed birds into the air, but although the wolf caught one with his teeth Gunter missed with his rifle. Upon returning to the castle, Gunter received notice that the Kaiser wished to see him in Dresden.

They did not accompany him to the capital city, and while there, Gunter was framed for the Emperor's murder by the Prince. They rendezvoused with him in the countryside not far from the Saxony Empire's border and fought alongside him through forces loyal to Wilhelm. They all fought their way to Tesla's factory together.


Both being wolves, they are naturally equipped as apex predators in their own right with powerful jaws full of sharp teeth. They are fast, strong, cunning, and have keen senses but most importantly they support their master. They fight with a style between to that of Polania's Wojtek and Rusviet's Changa, hiding unless needed but still actively fighting to protect their master in close combat: appearing where least expected, pouncing, and disappearing only to attack again from another angle.


  • Scouting Route: Order Nacht or Tag to move towards a specified position, revealing the fog of war along the way.
  • Pack Leader (Passive): Tag and Nacht will protect their master, automatically attacking units within range.


  • Neither Nacht or Tag are seen during the Great War in the Iron Harvest campaign. Thus, Gunter either obtained his wolves after the Great War or he decided to not bring them with him to the front
    • When his wolves attack, sometimes you may notice a softened gunshot and a tracer firing from Gunter's location at the enemy being targeted by the wolves.
  • In Iron Harvest it is unclear how Gunter got his wolves, while in Scythe his family is renowned for breeding them.
  • Gunter is shown to be able to communicate or understand his wolves implicitly; Tag warned him that Olga and Changa were watching them and somehow Gunter knew specifically who they were without seeing them first.
  • Given their bond to each other and their identical appearances apart from their fur color, it is likely Nacht and Tag are siblings or even fraternal twins.
  • Although both wolves appear in some of Gunter's art depictions, Nacht appears by his master's side most often without Tag.

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