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The Nordic Kingdoms are a faction and nation in the 1920+ universe.

A proud nation of hardy and stubborn people, they have a long history of seafaring and conquest.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Kingdoms exist as an independent nation of tribes united under the banner of a king. They share a narrow land border with the Saxony Empire to the south, with a neutral territory between them and the Rusviet Tsardom to their east. Otherwise, they are separated from mainland Europa by the Baltic Sea. Their symbol is the inverted hammer Mjolnir.

The Kingdoms have long since been rulers of the sea. Their people are hardy, impervious to the cold and dangers of the oceans. Everyone has learned to swim, and much of their economy revolves around the rearing of livestock and exploring for resources. Never content to sit around, their king plans to slowly but surely expand their lands to incorporate new farms and oil reserves to fuel their military.

Their military tactics revolve around rapid amphibious expansion and long-ranged artillery. The Nordic mech is inspired by Viking longships, but with six legs and a massive artillery turret mounted on top. It has the ability to both walk on land and sail on lakes, and it comes with long-range artillery to damage the opponent before combat even begins. Their workers are able to swim out ahead of a force without needing to cross a river on-board of a mech, acquiring new resources and villages more rapidly than other factions.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Their territory encompasses Denmark, Norway, and Sweden.
    • Interestingly, Finland remains neutral and separates the Kingdoms and Rusviet.
  • The real Norse eventually evolved into the three kingdoms of Sweden, Norway, and Denmark, territories which the Nordic Kingdoms still control. A major factor in the evolution of the Norse tribes into these nation-states was the spread of Christianity into Scandinavia and greater contact with Western Europe through trade and raids. This means the Norse likely rejected Christianity in the 1920+ timeline, retaining their religion with fewer Western European and Christian influences.
  • The Nordic Kingdoms also resembles the real Swedish Empire, which controlled much of the same territory in the Baltic region as well as being an absolute monarchy and a great power. If so, this represents a major branch in the 1920+ universe's history meaning that the Empire not only did not decline as a result of its defeat in the Great Northern War of 1700-1721, but expanded to even more territory.
  • Only playable in Scythe as of yet, they were also mentioned in the first campaign-mission of Iron Harvest.
  • Strangely, even though their country is mentioned for its participation in the Great War, no diplomat from that country is seen during the festivities organized by the Tsar.

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