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Doctor Tarkovsky was an explorer that went missing after discovering multiple strange things. The nations of the world have been searching for him ever since the disappearance by retracing his footprints.

Tunguska Event journal Entry[]

Following the trail of Tarkovsky's expedition, we arrived at the edge of a strange forest, a few kilometers from the places of the meteorite impact. At first glance, everything seems to be normal, but we didn't hear any animal sounds, there was terrifying silence. We camped. The patrol that set off into the woods has not returned yet. The unit consisted of very experienced soldiers. I'm starting to worry. Something lurks deep in that forest...

Mat Hanson Journal Entry[]

February 16, 1925

Feb 16. 1925.jpg

After some very exhausting weeks, we finally arrived at the northern research base. The base seems deserted, with no sign of Doctor Tarkovsky's expedition. There is a Monumental, strange constriction, towering over the base. It's hard to say what its purpose was, why it was built. Is this a transmitter or some kind of temple? Tomorrow we'll start searching the base.

The Expedition Journal Entry[]

December 12, 1925.

Traveling north we arrived at the strange Inuit settlement. Unlike the natives we encountered so far, they seemed hostile and aggressive. The village was full of primitive, strange, cocoon-like structures. According to our guide, this is a tribe of the black stone followers. I believe the tribe has a piece of the comet.  Is it possible that the stone has some effect on them? Still no trace of the Tarkovsky expedition. We will try to investigate the situation, I hope that there will be no fight…

Tarkovsky Emergency Landing Site Journal Entry[]

July 20, 1926

We got to the town near which Dr. Tarkovsky aircraft emergency landed. The surrounding fields are evidence of the many battles that took place here and full of wrecked of the mechs. The people are very friendly and helpful. We'll start by searching the wreck of the Airship and we'll try to determine the causes of the disaster. Locals can know a lot about the causes of the disaster and Tarkovski's fate.


  • The Expedition is not a featured event in Iron Harvest or Scythe, and what little is known is shown in a series of paintings as part of Jakub Rosalski's ongoing series in the 1920+ universe.
  • The village backstory bears some resemblance to HP Lovecraft's short story "Shadow over Innsmouth" involving a coastal town full of hostile people under the dark effects of an otherworldly entity, themselves slowly turning into sea-creatures called "Deep Ones."

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