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Location as seen on an alternate history map

The Factory was a mysterious location (and possible faction) in the 1920+ universe. It's an independent city-state known for its advanced technology and industry that has closed its borders.

Little is known about it, but it has recently become a focus for all the warring factions, each sending their military expedition/task force lead by combat veterans/royal family members to gain control of it.

Scythe History[edit | edit source]

Described as a sprawling city-state, it is a place of technological innovation, invention, and massive industrialization. It is unsure how long this place has existed as an independent state, but was possibly started and ran by Nikola Tesla, the inventor of automachines like the mechs the city is famous for producing. It seems to exist along the Polania Republic's southeast border, sharing a border with Polania to the north, the Saxony Empire to the west, and the Crimean Khanate to the east.

Prior to the Great War, the city churned out hordes of walking machines known as "mechs" to supply each nation's armies and to power their industry, as well as other forms of technology. Then came the Great War, where these mechs devastated the towns, cities, landscapes, and killed untold numbers of men on the battlefield. Many of their wrecks are still being uncovered long after, what is termed now to be "the iron harvest."

Then, as tensions between the European powers once again began to slowly boil over in 1920, without a stated reason the Factory completely closed its borders and shut down.

Currently all major factions have an interest in the factory to secure military superiority over their neighbors, including the Polania Republic, the Rusviet Union, the Saxony Empire, Nordic Kingdoms, Togawa Shogunate, Crimean Khanate and Clan Albion.

After the Factory is shut down, Nikola disappeared with his daughter Vesna.

Iron Harvest History[edit | edit source]

Sometime around 1900, Nikola Tesla founded the Factory as a place for inventors and engineers to come and work for him to help create the automachines. These mechs were then used to create an advanced "city of the future" around the Factory in just five years where he hosted tens of thousands of workers and their families. These machines were intended to exponentially improve agriculture and industry to lessen the burden on humanity. Inevitably, the great nations of the world weaponized their mechs to supply their armies with never-before-seen firepower. This forced Tesla to install extremely powerful defenses and he refused to produce war machines for those nations, although he did produce combat mechs for the city's defense.

In 1905, Rusviet, likely under the heading of the secret organization Fenris attempted to seize the factory by force and take Tesla's prototypes. The city's technology advantage won the war, but this made Tesla all the more paranoid that his creations would just be used for evil purposes such as war.

At some point, he had the factory shut down, sealed off, and upgraded more powerful defenses rigged around it that would fry anyone or anything that tried to get in. These included massive tesla coils that would fry anything in range, tunnels to rapidly deploy swarms of drones and troops, and a large standing army of highly advanced mechs and exosuits as well as regular armed citizens. On top of his, he created one last drastic failsafe: the Icarus Protocol. The city at large fell to ruin and was abandoned, but in the inner sanctum many of Tesla's employees continued to work and invent. Other than that Tesla has been in self isolation for 15 years till 1920.

Then the Great War from 1915-1920 happened, seeing unprecedented destruction and death across Europe, devastating the nations in ways they are even today still recovering from.

He later discovered that Fenris under the leadership of Grigori Rasputin, was behind the 1905 attack and the ones behind the ignition of the Great War. Hell bent on exploiting the chaos for their own gain, also seeks control of the Factory, again. They began hunting down 2 former Tesla employees: Piotr Kos and Heinrich Steinnmetz, regarded as "keys" to the Factory itself. Both took up peaceful, hidden lives in the Polania Republic, so Colonel Lev Zubov was dispatched with his forces there to secure these important targets. He eventually managed to capture Kos and established a blockade around the Polanian city of Kolno where Steinmetz was reported to be living. Piotr Kos, however, even under extreme torture, refused to divulge any of the Factory's secrets, and died shortly due to the grave injuries he sustained after being rescued by his daughter Anna, his older brother Lech, and the Polanian Resistance.

Heinrich managed to escape for a time, but also refused to give any secrets, choosing to blow himself up instead. Zubov did, however, did recover a special transponder from Piotr Kos's arm that would allow his forces to breach the Tesla coil towers defending the Factory, and finally the Rusviets fought their way past the substantial defense force into the inner sanctum where Tesla himself resided. Not long after, Anna and the Polanian Resistance arrived and laid siege to the Rusviet forces, failing to gain much ground until Saxony rebels under Gunter von Duisburg and Olga Morozova arrived and offered assistance. Shortly after retaking the factory and capturing Zubov, however, Tesla's ultimate invention the TF-1597 "Icarus" was activated: a huge unmanned three-legged tripod machine with impenetrable armor that would release a massive, lethal EMP blast in a 20-kilometer radius, melting anything metal to ensure nothing of Tesla's work could be salvaged. Nonetheless, Icarus was stopped by an allied force of Rusviet defectors, Polanian resistance fighters, and Saxonian rebels, but now the Factory was more vulnerable than ever to anyone who would exploit its technology, including Fenris.

Resolving to bring down the organization with Tesla's help, this new alliance of the three armies began to dig in and repair the city as best they could for the inevitable assault by Fenris.

Infantry[edit | edit source]

Icon Infantry Short-Description
Soldiers Civilians from Tesla's city armed with bolt-action rifles.
Grenadiers Civilians from Tesla's city armed with grenades.

Exo-Skeletons[edit | edit source]

Icon Infantry Short-Description
TF-233 "Šetač" Soldiers using exosuits built with cutting edge technology. Wield powerful portable rail guns.

Mechs[edit | edit source]

Icon Infantry Short-Description
TF-377 "Sluga" Engineer mech that can repair other mechs, capture buildings, or swarm the enemy with melee attacks.
TF-987 "Čuvar" A heavily armored mech built using cutting edge technology. Can switch between an offensive and defensive mode.
TF-1597 "Icarus" Tesla's ultimate invention, with impenetrable armor and formidable weapons.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • It is located in modern-day Romania.
  • Some people who are Frankish and Italian chatted that the Factory is like a ghost town. Also commented that Nikola Tesla and his loyal followers still invent new machines there, but would kill anyone who comes too close to the Factory.
  • Fenris managed to get some technology from the Factory and secretly plots to control the world by weaponizing Tesla's tech.

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