Mortar Battle Suit - Iron Harvest
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Map the last stand

The Last Stand is one of the Challenge Maps in Iron Harvest. It is a survival map, where players attempt to survive as many waves of incoming fighters as possible while building up their troops and resources.

Briefing Edit

It's a desperate situation. Wave after wave, the Saxon forces attack your base and there are no reinforcements in sight. Capture resource points and build units to defend your base as long as possible!

Goal Edit

Primary Goals
  • Survive all 10 enemy waves
Secondary Goals
  • Survive all 5 enemy waves
  • Survive all 7 enemy waves
  • Destroy the enemy's HQ

Bonus Edit

The following bonus goals are offered for the map in order to gain even more XP.

Economical - You get less resources from resource buildings per tick
  • Bronze: -15% resources per tick
  • Silver: -30% resources per tick
  • Gold: -50% resources per tick
Life-Saving - Lose as few units as possible
  • Bronze: Lose less than 12 units
  • Silver: Lose less than 8 units
  • Gold: Lose less than 5 units
Confident - Your units have fewer hit-points
  • Bronze: -15% HP
  • Silver: -30% HP
  • Gold: -50% HP