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The Togawa Shogunate is a faction and nation in the 1920+ universe.

A shrewd and clever faction, they aim to expand their borders.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Togawa exists as a military dictatorship nominally ruled by an Emperor, although under the de facto leadership of the Shogunate. Their borders are currently unknown, being the eastern-most faction in the world stage far from the affairs of Europe. Their symbol is a purple circle with a pair of spiraling dolphins.

Little is known about this eastern nation, and for good reason as they operate largely in secrecy. Strictly isolationist, they only recently entered the world stage when the Rusviet Tsardom kidnapped one of their foremost engineers. The Shogun then sent his niece, Akiko, with a strong military force to recover her brother and to acquire any technical knowledge the Factory may yield.

Their military tactics revolve around attrition warfare, area denial, stealth and subterfuge, such as the use of traps to wear down their enemies. The Togawa mechs are built to sustain even the harshest elements, particularly water. Designed with a smooth, spherical body on four spider-like legs, they’re built for solo combat and adventures, not pack hunting. They include several devious contraptions that allow them to rearm traps laid by Akiko and Jiro.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Japan's rule under the Shogunate ended with the beginning of the Meji Restoration in 1867, being an isolationist and feudal state for nearly seven centuries. This lead to the dissolution of the Samurai as a social class after the Satsuma Rebellion, land reforms, military reforms, and massive industrialization efforts. This means that in this timeline the Restoration under Emperor Meji possibly never happened.
  • Although not yet playable in Iron Harvest, a Togawan Guest can be seen in the Rusviet Campaign. He says "Between us... Some fear the Shogun is ill-advised. It seems he intends to expand Togawa's borders further than ever before." They are also briefly mentioned in the Polania campaign as having participated in the Great War.
  • Togawa and Rusviet seemed to have fought a war against each other at some point, resulting in a humiliating defeat for Rusviet and driving them to update their mech arsenals. This seems to emulate the Russo-Japanese War of 1905, but possibly at a different date.
    • In Iron Harvest, Rusviet instead went to war with the Factory in 1905 instead, but still lost.
  • In the illustrations of the Scythe game you can see Japanese peasants working in old-fashioned rice fields, but the fact that the Shogunate uses mechs and firearms, however, indicates that an industrial revolution had to unfold for their nation acquires modern weaponry.

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