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An infantry unit's weapons and abilities are determined by the "weapon kit" the unit is carrying. In addition to the option of building specific infantry units in the polanian, saxon or rusviet barracks, players are also able to order their infantry units to pick up weapon kits found on the battlefield. Weapon kits can be aquired by opening weapon crates or by killing enemy infantry units.

When a unit is ordered to pick up a different weapon kit, after a brief delay, the unit will swap out its entire weapon and ability loadout, for the selected kit. When a unit picks up a new kit, the unit type changes to match the new kit, so loadouts cannot be combined or customized. Kits found on the battlefield, no matter the source, will always convert to the specific equipment appropriate to the faction (i.e. If a Polanian Gunner picks up a Saxon Stormtrooper's weapon kit, it will become a Polanian Rifleman unit).

Please note that there are also weapon-systems on the battlefield, that can be captured. These are working in a different way. Any infantry unit can be ordered to capture any abandoned weapon-system. The unit will then change to a weapon-system-unit of the appropriate type. If a weapon-system gets destroyed, the surviving infantry-unit will revert to their original infantry type.

Weapon Kits[edit | edit source]

There are the following 7 types of weapon kits, which correspond to the 7 types of infantry:

Image Type Converts Polanians to

Converts Saxons to

Converts Rusviets to

Weapon kit engineer.png
Engineer Kit Polanian Engineer Saxon Engineer Rusviet Engineer
Weapon kit sax rifle.png
Rifleman/ Stoormtrooper/ Vanguard Kit Polanian Rifleman Saxon Stormtrooper Rusviet Vanguards
Weapon kit grenade.png
Grenadier Kit Polanian Grenadier Saxon Grenadier Rusviet Grenadier
Weapon kit gun.png
Gunner Kit Polanian Gunner Saxon Gunner Rusviet Gunner
Weapon kit flamer.png
Flamethrower Kit Polanian Flamethrower Saxon Flamethrower Rusviet Flamethrower
Weapon kit mg.png
Machine Gunner Kit Polanian Machine Gunner Saxon Machine Gunner Rusviet Machine Gunner
Weapon kit medic.png
Medic Kit Polanian Medic Saxon Medic Rusviet Medic

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